Like seriously?!
Few days ni memang terngiang-ngiang nama Amway in my mind. Tidur pun tak senang sebab nak tahu how does the system works and so on.

-> Baru story sini semalam

Tengok produk pun boleh tahan, nampak jimat and almost the same like Cosway.Pernah je pakai Cosway, but as member ja. Tak pernah ambil tahu about their business system Ada ke yek?

I determined to register ASAP because I want to see myself as a mompreneur again after a long break. 
I need to comeback, my business skills dah berkarat lama tak pakai. Why waste more time?

So, yeah.. here I am, officially an

Amway Business Owner (7018698576)

Do follow my Amway journey on Instagram Stories, alright? Might jump to TikTok soon, insyaallah.
For now, Faye nak study dulu the products. But not gonna waste my time, sharing starts right away!


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