If you’re a coffee and tea lover (like me), you’ve probably experienced the dilemma of choosing between the two. Coffee provides a much-needed caffeine boost and a bold flavor, while tea offers a calming experience with a variety of tastes. 

But what if there was a way to have both in one cup? Introducing… CHAM, is a delightful blend of tea and coffee.

What is Cham?

Cham is a popular drink in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, where it’s commonly known as “Yin Yeung.” It’s made by combining equal parts of coffee and black tea, resulting in a unique taste that’s both bold and smooth. The drink has become increasingly popular in recent years, with variations including adding milk, sugar, or even herbal tea.

The History of Cham

The origins of Cham are unclear, but it’s believed that the drink was first created in Hong Kong in the 1950s. Back then, it was known as “coffee with tea” and was a popular drink among construction workers who needed a quick energy boost. 

The drink eventually gained popularity across the region and became a staple in local cafes and restaurants.

The Taste of Cham

Cham has a unique taste that’s hard to describe. It has the boldness of coffee and the smoothness of tea, creating a flavor that’s both rich and refreshing. 

The combination of the two drinks results in a perfect balance of caffeine and tannins, which gives the drink a strong and satisfying taste.

How to Make Cham

Making Cham is easy mehh. Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:

1 cup of hot coffee
1 cup of hot black tea
Sweetener (optional)
Milk (optional)

Brew your coffee and tea separately.
Mix equal parts of coffee and tea in a cup.
Add sweetener and milk to taste (optional).


My Verdict

Cham is a perfect drink for coffee and tea lovers who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. It has a unique taste that’s both bold and smooth, and it’s easy to make at home. 

So why not give it a try the next time you’re looking for a refreshing drink? You might just discover your new favorite beverage.


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